About Us

Teaching competence is the fuel for confident trading.

TAS Tutor was formed with a very targeted mission... to maximize the potential of traders who embrace the acclaimed TAS trading methodology. TAS Tutor is the custom education arm of TAS Market Profile and provides a rare opportunity for a trader to glean first-hand market training directly from veteran TAS analysts and expert users. TAS instructors bring decades of experience from a diverse array of backgrounds but best of all, they are 100% committed to your trading success. Each instructor exhibits a relentless pursuit for improving the sustainability and growth of their students.

Why TAS Tutor?


YOU'RE THE BOSS- You select the TAS instructor that fits your learning style best. Choose from a diverse range of veteran trading backgrounds, market specialties, and training styles.


PERSONALIZED ATTENTION- Since every trader is unique, TAS Tutor delivers customized training plans designed to strenghten your weak areas while leveraging your existing competencies.


ON YOUR SCHEDULE- TAS Tutor is all about you. That means the training sessions are conducted when you want and how you want whenever possible. Whether you prefer to meet online after hours or during live markets, TAS instructors deliver flexibility with you in mind first.


My trading instructor literally saved my trading career, I can honestly say that. I was breaking every rule and showed no discipline with my analysis. Now I am excited to wake up each morning and see what awaits me.

Craig G.

Marco Island, FL

This was the best investment I ever made in my trading education. I've been around the block (a few too many times) but I feel like my instructor genuinely wants to see me succeed. Keep it up TAS.

Karen P.

Houston, TX

In the trading world, when someone has an edge they will rarely share that knowledge. I was surprised at how forthcoming the information was and I like it was based in actual experience in the markets. Thanks for the help.

Gary R.

Santa Clara, CA