Meet Ed

Delve Into a Professional Trader's Mind.

Edmundas brings an impressive educational background to the table combined with distinguished in the trenches experience as an industry professional. Over two decades, his roles have been diversified as a professional daytrader, algorithmic system constructor, private fund manager, prop trading, brokerage firm owner, and and accomplished global lecturer. As if these credentials are not enough, Ed's proudest accomplishment is as a dedicated father of three triplet daughters and a husband. When not trading, Ed enjoys the beaches of Spain where he resides and the challenges of kite surfing and hot air ballooning.


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  • Diversify your trading analytics
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My trading instructor literally saved my trading career, I can honestly say that. I was breaking every rule and showed no discipline with my analysis. Now I am excited to wake up each morning and see what awaits me.

Craig G.

Marco Island, FL

This was the best investment I ever made in my trading education. I've been around the block (a few too many times) but I feel like my instructor genuinely wants to see me succeed. Keep it up TAS.

Karen P.

Houston, TX

In the trading world, when someone has an edge they will rarely share that knowledge. I was surprised at how forthcoming the information was and I like it was based in actual experience in the markets. Thanks for the help.

Gary R.

Santa Clara, CA