The Method

Market Profile Changed It All…

…And in the process, the playing field for traders was leveled as the once hidden footprint of institutional traders was revealed. The trading methodology taught at TAS Tutor is referred to as Market Profile, a specific genre of volume analysis pioneered in the 1980s by CBOT floor trader, Peter Steidlmayer. TAS is not the inventor of Market Profile, but rather one of the industry’s most sought after modern-day providers of premier decision-support indicators to aid Market Profile traders. You are one of us now, welcome to the club!

The reality is there are hundreds of different methods a trader may opt to embrace. It can be a daunting task to attempt to disseminate the noise inherent in what the investing masses follow blindly together. There is comfort in numbers to those, but we know better. We have learned (often the hard way) and vow not to continue a path of comfort. TAS traders are opportunity seekers. Most methods are far too basic and provide little sustainable edge. Others are trendy and fade out just as quickly as their respective inventors. Lastly, others attempt to over-complicate as a disguise to what little substance is really there. However, Market Profile has withstood the test of time. Its adaptation to the globalization of modern financial markets for over 30+ years proves this. Its resilience in the rigors of demanding institutional applications has earned our respect (and trust).

So we challenge you to join us in our ongoing journey to maximize what we already know while still embracing the unknown with confidence that you are in good company. Let’s get started. Hire your TAS Tutor today!