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Troy is a dedicated market practitioner. Having traded and invested as his main source of income for over a decade, he is a Market Profile loyalist and an avid TAS user for many years. Troy's command of the TAS rules and disciplined deployment has earned him high marks within the TAS user community. Troy has an unparralleled passion for trading and aims to share his wisdom with aspiring and experienced traders alike through his popular articles, chart lessons, and more. Troy recognizes that no two traders are alike so consulting them on what is most important to them remains a priority in helping them to achieve their ultimate wealth goals. Troy excels in futures, commodities, equities and forex markets as well as the psychological and macro-economic factors driving them. In addition to trading, he enjoys spending time on the ocean in the Bahamas where he lives with his wife. Hire Troy as your TAS Tutor today!


  • Create an iron-clad trading plan
  • Be aware of your success inhibitors
  • Become a disciplined empowered trader
  • Parlay trading competence into life enjoyment


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  • Onsite training
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My trading instructor literally saved my trading career, I can honestly say that. I was breaking every rule and showed no discipline with my analysis. Now I am excited to wake up each morning and see what awaits me.

Craig G.

Marco Island, FL

This was the best investment I ever made in my trading education. I've been around the block (a few too many times) but I feel like my instructor genuinely wants to see me succeed. Keep it up TAS.

Karen P.

Houston, TX

In the trading world, when someone has an edge they will rarely share that knowledge. I was surprised at how forthcoming the information was and I like it was based in actual experience in the markets. Thanks for the help.

Gary R.

Santa Clara, CA